Holiday Gift Guide 2019

The holidays are approaching fast! I’d like to offer you a little help in finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list this holiday season. I’ve included options for Mom, Dad and Kids. And a few stocking stuffer ideas. Everything you see here has been tested personally by me!

Mom Gifts

Bamboo Hairbrush
I’ve had my natural wood bamboo bristle brush for over 2 years and have never had a problem with it. It may seem like a little thing, it’s just a brush, but every time I use it my scalp gets a little mini-massage. It’s good for all hair types. The bamboo bristles make it a great detangler and also reduce hair breakage and loss. And it’s eco-friendly! Bamboo paddle and bristles are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Waterless Oil Diffuser
I am so loving this waterless oil diffuser and so will your mom. You can plug it into the wall (adapter included) or into any USB port, even the one in your car. It emits a puff of fragrant mist every 10 minutes or 20 minutes, depending on which setting you choose. At bedtime, I use my Sleepy Time blend and it fills my bedroom with the calming aroma of Lavender and Marjoram (yes, you can use my essential oils, only the 1/2 oz size, in this diffuser).

Self Care Kit
This self care kit was specifically created for busy moms. Moms do so much for everyone else, they 100% deserve some self care time. There are 5 different products with a free gift bag and a personalized instruction sheet.

100% Natural Facial Serum
Created for all skin types and all ages. Handmade with beautiful natural ingredients that will fight aging and nourish delicate facial skin, naturally.

Dad Gifts

Massage Chair Pad
I have tried so many massage chairs, pads, etc and finally found the best one. For only 15 minutes a day, you can get consistent back pain relief. The rotating balls (which can be heated) really dig into the knots and relaxes your muscle tissue. This one moves from the lower back to the upper back/neck shoulder area, has a handy remote control. You can also set it to massage a specific spot or just your lower or upper back. Dad will LOVE this!

Shampoo and Shaving Solid Soap
It’s a shampoo, it’s a shaving soap, it’s a body soap. Over 200 scent choices and 3 different shape choices. Dad will love this multi-purpose soap and the environment will love the plastic-free zero-waste packaging.

Wireless Ear Buds
These light weight wireless ear buds provide 5 hours of continuous use. I love these when I travel (instead of the wires hanging all over me) and while taking long hikes. Very easy to setup and the sound quality is pretty good for the price. Plus they stay in your ears, which is something my ear buds really never did well.

Driven Cologne
Is dad a Power Rangers fan? If so, get him some cologne from the Jason Faunt Collection. My brother, Jason Faunt, was in the Time Force series (and Resident Evil and so much more) and we’ve collaborated to create this scented line for all his fans. Time for TIME FORCE! #geeklife

Kids Gifts

Portable Charger
How many times have you heard “my iPad/iPhone is dead”? Never again with this handy portable charger. Not only does it charge your device fast, but it can charge 2 simultaneously. It’s small, lightweight and slim plus it has a flashlight. Never again can they use the excuse “I couldn’t call you, my phone was dead”. 😀

Everything Spray
Non-toxic and skin-safe, this multi-purpose spray can be used anywhere. Rooms, shoes, bodies, blankets, pillows, pets, the uses are endless. Always vegan and cruelty-free too. This is by far my most popular product.

Cozy Socks
These are the perfect gift to keep the kiddos feet warm. They are warm, soft, fluffy and also made of breathable fabric with non-skid soles. I wear these year-round when I’m at home and have gifted them to all nieces and nephews, who love them.

Stocking Stuffers

Charcoal Face Soap
For those kids that may have been a little big naughty, give them a fun twist on coal in their stocking with this Charcoal Face Soap. Full of anti-bacterial properties, this will help keep their facial skin clean and clear. And maybe even a little smile from your tween (after the eye roll, of course).

Mini Perfumes
Why give one perfume when you can give an assortment of mini-perfumes? With over 200 scents choices and a risk-free refund or replace policy, these are sure to delight every single person on your gift list.

Nail Brush
This non-slip two-sided nail brush really gets under the nails and cleans them right up. A shower time must have to keep those hands and nails clean and germ-free.

Stink Away Pre-Poop Spray
A must for every single bathroom. Spray on the water before you go and it will form a protective barrier on the water that keeps odors under the surface and away from your nose. Do your business, check your Instagram & Facebook (we know you do), flush and done!

Soapy Goodness
A basic necessity, but we make it fun with over 200 scent choices and 4 shape choices. You can even add botanicals to give your soap super-powers. Plastic-free and zero-waste, so our planet will love you too.

I hope this has helped you check a few people off your list.
What is the perfect holiday gift for you? Leave a comment below!

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