Simple Face Care Routine for Glowing Skin at Any Age

I always get compliments on how great my skin looks and for a non-makeup wearing 55 year old, it’s good to hear. I get asked about my skin care products and routine and I thought I’d share it with you here. 1. First thing in the morning I wash my face with charcoal soap andContinue reading “Simple Face Care Routine for Glowing Skin at Any Age”

Free Printable PDF Gift Tags 2019

Need a quick gift tag? Here’s three different pdf’s you can print right at home on your inket printer. Download the pdf, print, cut, fill out and tape on your gifts. Easy! These Be Merry gift tags are colorful and ready for gift giving. These simple and festive gift tags look great printed on whiteContinue reading “Free Printable PDF Gift Tags 2019”

How to Make Your Perfume Stronger and Last Longer

One of the most common questions I receive is “How do I make my perfume stronger and last longer?” Here’s a few tips that may help: Stronger: I guess the question should be should I wear a stronger perfume? I know you love your very favorite scent, but that doesn’t mean that everyone around youContinue reading “How to Make Your Perfume Stronger and Last Longer”